Spenco Siesta Cold Snap shoes

Review by Arnie P

Spenco Siesta Cold Snap shoes

The Siesta Cold Snap shoes were provided by Spenco for review purposes.

The cold Snap has a men’s and women’s model.  The color of the woman’s shoe is Camel for the exterior felt and Houndstooth  for the lining.  The available sizes for women are 6 to 11 in whole sizes.  The men’s is Charcoal for the exterior felt with a Buffalo Plaid lining.  The available sizes for men are 7 to 14 in whole sizes.  For more information on available styles please visit the Spenco web site www.spenco.com.


Size: Men’s 9 US
Color: Charcoal Felt/Buffalo Plaid
Catalog number: 39-461-09
Left shoe: 9.1 oz
Right shoe: 9.4 oz


The outline of the shoe starts at the heel and slopes gradually down to a point almost mid way to where the tongue area of the shoe would be.  There is a stretchy triangle where the tongue area attaches to the rest of the shoe.  From here the outline rises a small amount then slopes gradually to the toe.  The toe end is curved to fit the shape of the foot.  The felt material is about an inch from the top of the sole.  There is a very small red pull loop at the heel of the shoe.  The loop is too small to fit my little finger.  It is really not long enough for me to get a good grip on it.  I will have more to say about this later.  The trim of the shoe has fur material starting where the elastic material connects the abbreviated tongue.  Just below the elastic material on the right side of the left shoe and on the left side of the right shoe are 2 small small round stitchings.  There is a hole in the center of these stitchings.  The hole passes through the material.  I suspect these holes are for ventilation.  There is a small red tab with a logo just below the fur trim and near the heel pull loop on the outer side of the shoe.   The sole of the shoe looks a lot like trail shoe.  One can see the high arch support from this view.  The innersoles are removable.  The innersoles are curved upward at the edges.  The arch is pronounced.  There is a small 4-sided irregularly shaped protrusion on the innersole.  When I am wearing the shoes I am unaware of feeling it.  My wife tells me she thinks it is for the transversal arch.

top view of Siesta Cold Snap
top view of Siesta Cold Snap
bottom view of Siesta Cold Snap
bottom view of Siesta Cold Snap
side view of Siesta Cold Snap
side view of Siesta Cold Snap
view of heel pull loop
view of heel pull loop
view of tongue area
view of tongue area
view of ventilation holes and elastic material
view of ventilation holes and elastic material
view of innersoles
view of innersoles

First impression and trying them on

When  I first open the Spenco box my eyes said these are moccasins.  Then I turned them over and now the soles looked more like trail shoes.  Moccasin or light trail shoe that was the debate in my head.  I tried them on and the debate was over.  My initial use was with a pair of medium weight 100% wool socks.  They were very snug and maybe even tight.  I define tight as creating a situation where my blood circulation is hindered.  In the warm weather this is harder to detect.  In extreme cases my feet might get numb.  Snug is the small range between tight and loose.  Something is loose for me when the bottom of my foot slides either forward or sidewards.  I can tolerate a loose shoe easier than a tight shoe.  I quickly decided to change into my light weight 100% wool socks.  The fit was a comfortable snug.  There was no sliding in the shoe.  The sides and heel of my foot felt like my foot was in a hand.  My toes had ample space to wiggle freely.  I walked around and I could feel the pronounced arch support.  At my age my arches have dropped a little over the years.

I have worn the Cold Snap to stores, to the doctor’s office, in the yard, to the mailbox, and mostly around the house.  I have been living in this house for slightly over 49 years and I have never had a pair of slippers or moccasins with soles that stayed intact for very long.  I am probably hard on these items but I think this time my results may be different.  I am guessing my main use will be walking around the house, getting the mail, and walking to stores or to my daughter’s house.  I would not wear them in heavy rain because I have shoes to handle being submerged in water.

I have always wanted a good house shoe and this may very well be it.  I like the stability I get when I go up and down the stairs in my house.  At this time I don’t fully understand the use of the heel pull loop, that may change in time.  I posed a question at the beginning of my review, now I will attempt to answer my question.  It is not a slipper or moccasin, neither is it a trail shoe.  The word hybrid comes to mind.  It has the sole of a sturdy shoe and comfort of a moccasin.

When I look at the box my Spenco shoes came in I see in large print the words TOTAL SUPPORT.  I believe it is really true.  Please check back in a month when I will have more to say about the Spenco Siesta Cold Snap shoes.

Update Spenco Cold Snap shoes


I think about the Spenco Siesta Cold Snap shoe as my first and last shoe.  To be specific, it’s the shoe I put on when I wake up in the morning and the shoe I take off when I go to bed at night.  It’s also the shoe I wear around the house.  Shorty after getting these shoes, I put my old house shoes in the trash.  I knew there would be no going back.

I wear the Cold Snap shoes outside only when the ground surfaces are dry since I don’t want to track debris into the house.  This includes getting the mail, short trips to my backyard, and trips to my daughter’s house which is less than 100 yards away.  The only days I don’t wear the Cold Snap shoes is when I am on a backpack.  I think if I were able to carry a heavier backpack I would also bring them on my backpacks.

Comfort Comfort Comfort

Now that I have worn a full support shoe for a month and experienced a level of comfort that I have never experienced before, I will probably be a fan for life.  We had a cold snap when the temperature in my house fell into the low fifties.  Because I was having work done on the furnace, there was no heat.  In the room I use for an office, the digital thermometer read 53 F.  Since this temperature drop came suddenly overnight, the temperature may not have been uniform throughout the house.  With the Cold Snap shoes and the ankle wool socks which I wear with them all the time, not only did my feet feel warm, but I think the shoes helped make the rest of me feel warm.  The low humidity that day may have helped also.

relaxing in my Spenco Cold Snap shoes
relaxing in my Spenco Cold Snap shoes

A typical day

My typical day at home starts at 5 AM when my radio comes on.  After listening to news, sports, and weather, I get dressed, put on my socks and Cold Snaps.  I go downstairs on steps that are covered with braided rugs.  I now feel more stable on these stairs.  I have breakfast and go to the gym.  Upon my return, if the weather is good, I do something outside such as a hike or yard work.  On bad days, I stay inside wearing my Cold Snap shoes and spend time on my computer, or some house project.  These shoes are comfortable to wear while I sit at my computer.  With other shoes, I felt uncomfortable and would remove my shoes several times while I was at my computer.  I always feel comfortable in the Cold Snap shoes.  I have found myself going outside with these shoes and not realizing it.  If I don’t look at my feet as I am leaving the house, I think I would forget to change to regular shoes.  I think it is because they feel so much like regular shoes.  My stairs  to the cellar have rubber tread runners but have no hand rails.  Someday I will add a handrail, but until then with the Cold Snap shoes, I now have greater stability on these stairs.

The cellar

We have a concrete floor in the cellar.  It has always been a problem figuring what to wear down there when I was going to be spending a lot of time.  I have not done anything with my basement floor because spring flooding or hurricanes often cause rising waters in my area, and, if I fail to pump soon enough or fast enough, I get water in my cellar.  Now with the Cold Snap shoes, I find I can spend a lot of time in the cellar and my feet still feel comfortable.  This is good since I had been reluctant to spend time in my cellar.  I am beginning to think of projects that I can do to improve the insulation of my basement.

Shoe or Moccasin?

As I look back, the only reason I posed the question is that on visual inspection, this shoe looks more like a moccasin than a shoe.  Now I know fully that the Cold Snap is not only a shoe but a very comfortable shoe.  I don’t think I have ever worn anything in my house that I could keep on when sitting down for any length of time.  The only time I take these shoes off is to get into bed or to put on a pair of shoes to go outside.

house project in my Spenco Cold Snap shoes
house project in my Spenco Cold Snap shoes


The floors in my house are hardwood except for the bathroom and kitchen where the floors are Armstrong vinyl, and the computer room which has a tile floor from the 50’s.  The wooden floors in my house are covered with various types of scatter rugs.  The surfaces of all these floors can be slippery, especially when wearing socks only.  With the Cold Snap shoes, my traction on these floors is excellent.

I am extremely content with the Cold Snap shoes for comfort, support, warmth, and stability.  I cannot think of any downside for these shoes.  Please check back in about a month when I will have more to say about the Spenco Siesta Cold Snap shoes.

A last look Spenco Cold Snap shoes


After two months of wearing the Cold Snap shoes, I believe I have found an excellent house shoe that does a lot more.  During this period, I wore the Cold Snap shoes once to the gym by accident and wore them almost constantly during our time share stay at the Mittersill Alpine Resort in New Hampshire.  I also had a reader’s comment which I will share.

Mittersill Alpine Resort

I usually spend a week in May and a week in November at this resort.  These are usually quiet times of the year at the resort.  Our unit in November is above the wet area which has an indoor heated pool, a pair of Jacuzzis, and a sauna area.  So it is a short walk to this area.  In the past, I would go barefoot and get to the wet area meant walking over rubber mats which have a lot of holes in them.  This was not very comfortable, but I did prefer it to wearing my regular shoes.  The Cold Snap shoes worked well for this purpose.  Our unit is at the back of the resort so going to the lounge, game area, pool table, puzzle area, or office involves walking to the front of the building.  There are several short sets of steps and two sets of full-length stairs to climb  The floors have several surfaces including wood, rug, and tile.  The Cold Snap were very good for these occasions.  They were also very comfortable in the unit.  This is the largest one bedroom the resort has and it is on 3 levels.  The kitchen/dining area is only two or three steps above the living room and another room that contains pool table and bar.  There is a long flight of stairs to get to the bedroom.  We kept the bedroom cool since this our sleeping preference.  The unit is very dry so it always seems colder than it actually is.  I used to wear heavy socks around the unit for comfort.  The Cold Snap provided comfort and excellent traction on the rug covered stairs to the bedroom.  The Cold Snap shoes will be a must item on future visits to this Resort.

Working in the house

I have been in this house for almost 50 years and have done a lot of projects with several types of hand and power saws.  The end result is a lot of saw dust and it seems to get everywhere.  I have been using a table saw and a Miter saw lately and they produce a lot of sawdust.  To my surprise, I did not get any sawdust inside the  Cold Snap shoes.  The snug fit around the foot has prevented this from happening.  Also, the sawdust does not seem to collect on the outside of the shoe.  I don’t have an explanation for this.  I did get some powder from wallboard I removed on my Cold Snap shoes.  This powder disappeared from the shoes in a couple days.

Reader comment

The questions I get from the readers are always good.  Some are easy but this last one “Was wondering if they are true to size?” was difficult and I think it is a question that most people have when buying shoes without trying them.  It has not been until recently that I have been wearing shoes that I had not tried prior to my purchase at a store.  During the last 25 years, my foot size has increased from 8 to somewhere between 8.5 and 9.  In a shoe store, you are measured to the half size.  To make things a little more complicated, but to be more precise in understanding how to get a better shoe fit, I will offer the following explanation.  If you have a custom hiking boot made, the fitter will ask you to hike several hours just before going to be fitted.  The reason is that your foot swells during a long hike and the shoe needs to be large enough for your swollen foot or you may have foot problems.  I think it is better to have more space than less space.  When I put my Cold Snap shoes on in the morning, my feet are probably at their smallest size of the day.  If I spend most of the day outside hiking and being active, when I return at night and put my Cold Snap shoes back on, my feet are probably at their largest size.  I find that even though my Cold Snap shoes were snug in the morning, they have enough give so that they did not feel too snug in the evening when I put them back on.  Although I very seldom see shoe widths mentioned anymore, I am fortunate to have a standard D width.  I would call this a true to size shoe for my foot.

Going to the gym

About once a week, I have found myself trying to leave the house wearing my Cold Snap shoes.  One day I was on my way to the gym when I realized I still had my Cold Snap shoes on.  Since I was already late, I decided to proceed.  I did all my usual weights, cardio and stretching exercises and the result was that I could not detect any difference.  Only one gym member commented that I was not wearing regular gym shoes.

In the cold

I have worn the Cold Snap shoes outside in the morning when the temperature has been close to 20 F and have been comfortable.  I was moving around and was not out for a long time.  I have worked in my cellar when the temperature has been close to 50 F and have been very comfortable.  I have been in my daughter’s house with the temperature sometimes close to 80 F and my feet have not felt too warm.  They have a wood stove and sometimes the temperature does get too warm for me.  I would say the name Cold Snap is very fitting for these shoes in more ways than one.


I love the support which takes a lot of strain off my legs and feet.  I stay warm and dry in these shoes under a wide range of temperatures and activities.  They are very attractive and seem to be self-cleaning.  The only improvement I could think of is for a slightly larger pull tab at the back of the shoe.  The Cold Snap shoes are really good shoes that I hope to be wearing for many years.  I wish to thank 4alloutdoors.org and Spenco for the opportunity to review the Cold Snap shoes.

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