Bio Shield spray

Review by Arnie P

Bio Shield spray

Bio Shield spray


Bio Shield provided the insect spray for review purposes.

Bio Shield spray

Bio Shield spray was developed by a group of pharmacists to deal with insects. They discovered that insects develop a neurotransmitter called octopamine. The formula used in this product blocks the production of octopamine which in turn controls the nervous system and breathing of insects. This provides a quick way to disable the insects. For those of us who appreciate natural products, the active ingredients are all natural. This means it is safe for pets and children. Pepper is a natural ingredient that you would not want to make contact with your eyes. This product has similar warnings.


Bottle size: 4 Oz

Measured Weight: 5 Oz

Measured Size: 6 in high x 2 in wide

Active Ingredients

Geraniol: 12.9%

Soybean oil: 2.5%

Rosemary oil: 0.8%

Peppermint oil: 0.45%

Geranium oil: 0.1%

Other Ingredients*: 16.75%

* (water, Glyceryl, Potassium Stearate, Glycerin, and Sodium Benzoate)

This product also comes in an 8 Oz size.

The company also produces a laundry detergent and a body wash/shampoo product.


Natural active ingredients

lasts 8 hours

Repels the following biting insects: ticks, mosquitoes, fleas, and bed bugs)


The Bio Shield insects spray bottle fits comfortably in my hand with the top protruding. It fits easily into a back pocket or easily into a small backpack. The top of the bottle is protected by a plastic seal wrap. This plastic wrap was tough enough that I needed something sharp to help in the removal. The top of the bottle is covered with a transparent removable cap. The spray mechanism is manually operated with the index finger. Per instructions, I shook the bottle well before making my first spray. The first push did nothing. On the fourth push, I was rewarded with a gentle spray on my arm. I felt cool, and there was an odor that reminded me of evergreen. It was not strong and soon dissipated.
I would call it a pleasant experience. I checked the nozzle after spraying and it was free of insect repellent. As I read over the insect list I noticed it did not contain bees. I know a lot of my good readers are sensitive to bee stings and they will surely ask me about this. I called customer service. I had to leave a message but my call was returned with a couple hours. I was told that they only listed the actual insects that were tested. My call was handled exceptionally well. I know there are insects in other geographical areas where there are insects not mentioned, hopefully, these insects will also be disabled.


Test plan

I will use the product in stages. I will spray on the outside of my wide brim hiking hat. Other places to be done separately with be the outsides of my shoes. This is the usual route that ticks invade me. Then I would do my hiking pants. This plan will be modified as circumstances change.

I am looking forward to using this product. I live in a swampy area in the Lowell Massachusetts area. I wish to thank and Bio Shield for the opportunity to test the insect repellent. Since this will be a 2 part report please check back in about a month for the last report.


A last look 8-4-2017

It’s time to share my experiences using the Bio Shield spray. We have had a lot of rain and many days in the 90’s. This was the perfect combination of heat and rain for the production of mosquitoes and other insects. I was on 5 weekly 2-hour group hikes in the Harold Parker state forest. I also visited Silver Lake several times. The boundaries of my backyard are a popular gathering place for mosquitoes.

Applying Bio Shield spraying

My spraying procedure was to take my wide-brimmed hat outside, place it on a flat surface, spray the top of the hat, turn the hat over, and spray the rim of the hat. Then while standing in my hiking shoes, I would spray the shoes and lower part of my socks. I was using 1-2 squirts on each side of my shoes. I did this outside as sometimes the scent of the spray was overbearing for me. I also did this about 10 minutes prior to driving to the trailhead. The intensity of the odor dissipates about 10 minutes.

Harold Parker State Forest

When hiking in Harold Parker State Forest with its 11 ponds and many wet areas, the mosquito population is high. During the summer months, there are an average 30 hikers. Several times on each hike I could see someone who was dealing with mosquitoes. While using Bio Shield spray, I was not bitten once on these weekly hikes. On one hike the person next to me and I were simultaneously aware of something fairly large flying around us. Whatever it was had continued their journey in less than 3 seconds. Neither of us was bitten. One person, after a hike, found ticks on himself. Earlier this year, prior to the Bio Shield spray, I had found ticks on my legs.

Other places using the Bio Shield spray

I have walked to Silver Lake several times, passing through a swampy area that is a nesting area for insects. There is also a path along-side the swamp leading to the site of a former railroad station. The forest is dense and usually a place that is avoided during insect season. I was not bothered on my walks in this area. A few times in my back yard, I found ticks on me after spending time in my back yard. Earlier this year, in New Hampshire, I did find one once. While wearing the Bio Shield spray, I have not found any ticks on me.


I found the effectiveness of this product to be excellent. This is the second time I have used a pump type spray for insect repellent. I prefer this propulsion system to an aerosol product. The spray mist was consistent and evenly dispersed. The nozzle was left clean after spraying. The spray bottle is comfortable to hold and spray. After a few minutes, the odor of the spray is pleasant and reminds me of being in an evergreen forest.

I wish to thank and Bio Shield for the opportunity to test the insect repellent. I have the feeling this could become my insect repellent of choice.