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Roxie doing some climbing.

Roxie doing some climbing.

I rarely review products like this, but I wanted to share with our readers. Usually, a company contacts us and asks us to review one of their outdoor products.  They provide the product, and we review it.  That keeps myself and the other writers pretty busy.  A few weeks ago, I received a sample of dog food for my English Shepherd, Roxie.  It really didn’t have anything to do with  The Honest Kitchen had a promotion, and I signed up for a sample.  Well, I’d like to share with you what I found out.

First, The Honest Kitchen makes 100% human grade dog food. Their products are made in a human food facility (not in a pet food rendering plant) and contain no chemical preservatives, by-products or fillers.  The food is dehydrated (which is why I wanted to share it here), and you just add a little water to re-hydrate it.  There are a few varieties, including whole grain and grain free (gluten free).  Flavors include, turkey, chicken beef and fish.   Each flavor offers different benefits, and is geared towards different age and activity levels.   They also have cat foods and related products.

Honest Kitchen

Nutritional Information for ‘Love’ flavor dog food.

I was a bit surprised when I poured a pouch into a bowl.  It was about the consistency of flour.  I added the warm water and waited.  After stirring, it thickened up and although it looked odd, and I wasn’t sure if Roxie would eat it.  I set it on the floor and she sniffed it and walked away.  Uh oh… that was not a good sign.  About a minute later she came back and cleaned the bowl.  I’m not sure why she hesitated, other than she is a creature of habit and didn’t know what to make of the change.   I’ve never been a fan of wet dog foods because of the smell and if the dog doesn’t eat everything at one time, the rest of the food goes bad quickly.  This had no strong smell, and she ate it all at one time.

Now, why am I putting this on an outdoor site?  Mostly because many of us backpack, hike, paddle, etc with our pets.  The food is lightweight and so easy to pack!  No big bags of food, or cans to carry along.  Just a few packets of food and a bowl.  A few squirts of water – and your dog has a nutritious meal away from home.  This is one of those – ‘why didn’t someone think of this sooner?’   I’m keeping one of the packages in my car for when we are away from home.

A bit about Roxie ~ Roxie is a 6 year old English Shepherd.  She is very active, although not hyper active.  She can hike for hours, and is my shadow.  Her breed is an old fashioned farm collie type, who can herd, but she does have an ‘off’ switch.  She is not a big eater, so sometimes I worry she’s not getting enough nutrition or calories.  I believe Honest Kitchen may be the answer.  I plan on continuing to feed her this food for a while and see how she does.

One last comment – The Honest Kitchen has some of the best customer service I’ve experienced lately.  I had a problem placing an order and emailed them.  I had a very quick response, and the problem was solved right away – and in a friendly manner.  I don’t usually ‘gush’ about a product, but this one makes me happy, because it makes Roxie happy, or at least helps keep her healthy and is easy to use.  Win-win-win!

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