Osprey Space Station 100


I don’t really know how big a space station is but if the Osprey Space Station 100 is any clue as to how big it is….it must be HUGE! Osprey has come up with a “Travel Wheels” series and the Space Station is part of that series. The Space Station comes in a 100 litre and a 140 litre…and I thought the 100 litre was huge.

Osprey Space Station 100

Osprey Space Station 100 (shown in black)

The Space Station 100 is a very large, 100 litre (6,100 cu. in.) rolling duffel bag with many different stays and supports. It is somewhat rigid due to the plastic tubes that create tension on the fabric. The tension can be loosened while packing and then tightened by tucking the upper plastic tube under a sleeve that causes it to bow out a bit and keep the fabric tight so it’s not flopping around while it is in travel.

The back portion is an aluminum frame that sits on a wide 18″ base with extra-large wheels and it sits a little higher than most travel bags and this gives more ground clearance while pulling the bag over rough terrain. This bag is not made to only be pulled through the manicured carpets of the airport, it’s made to be pulled through the rough terrain of the outdoors.

It has two huge separate side pockets. One is full length and the other is divided. It has a front bottom bellowed pocket that can take wet or dry gear. The huge main compartment has three compression straps to keep things in it’s place and three more on the exterior just for extra measure. It has handles galore, six as a matter of fact. Plenty of places to grab this mother and fling into a truck bed. Because again, this isn’t your little sisters Barbie doll weekend travel bag. This thing can haul some serious gear.

Stay tuned for more adventures with the Osprey Space Station….

UPDATE 8/31/10

Yes…it’s been several months since I posted this originally but man…have I put the Space Station to use.  The past few months my two sons and I have been on several outdoor adventures.  Usually we are packing in three separate packs for day hiking and maybe a duffel or two just for personal items.  And most of the time it has been much like car camping but we still have to carry the gear to the site but not like backpacking it in.

Since the time I received the Space Station I decided that the days of  throwing our gear in the back of the trunk and letting it flop around, are over.  The first time I used the Space Station I tried organizing things and placing them in certain spots of the main compartment. Which was fine but when you are anxious about getting to the outdoors, packing organization  really isn’t a big issue, you really don’t want to spend that precious time trying to put it in the ‘right’ spots.  Lets’ face it, weight is not the problem so the heavy stuff doesn’t have to go on bottom and light stuff on top.  The Space Station can take the gear however you can throw it in.  Such as this:

Packed and ready to go!

This is a recent picture of our last trip out and it includes three sleeping bags, four sleeping pads, two hammocks, three pillows, one (1) man tent, a day pack full of personal gear and two stuff sacks of clothes.  That’s just the big stuff in the main compartment.  The side pockets got a few snacks and water bottles and the front flat compartment got magazines and books to read.  This has been our gear list since day one with the Space Station.  It’s just been on many different trips.

Most of the people that have gone with us have asked me about it because when they have their kids going along as well, they are making multiple trips back and forth from the car.  So when I pull this thing out and it has everything we need in it, their eyes get wide open.  And when they see that it rolls effortlessly across the rugged rocks or gravel parking lots or even just thrown in the back of a trailer to carry everyones gear, they are very eager to know what it is.  The guys like it because it doesn’t look ‘sissy’ looking, like a normal suitcase. Nope, it’s burly, it’s beasty, it’s rugged and it’s manly.

So far everything has worked in perfect order.  The zippers are easy to pull and open the compartments.  I like the barrel type zipper pulls which makes it easier to grab and pull.  The fabric and the handles have held up to some rough tugging, pulling and poking.  I’m very impressed with the quality of the fabric.  The wheels, even though they have been through dust and dirt, they still seem to roll great.  I have used compressed air a couple of times to blow dirt and dust from the area where the wheels join the axle.

All in all I am very happy with the performance of the Space Station and I will continue to use it through the next several weeks on some of the Fall trips that I have planned.


The Osprey Space Station has been such a great gear bag over these past few months.  Since my last update I used it on two more trips.  Both trips held basically the same gear as my other trips.  But what I have come to love about it is the ease of putting everything in it.  With the wide open main compartment, it’s just so easy to slide in the pads, the tents, the sleeping bags in and then I usually put lighter stuff towards the top, so when it’s standing up, it doesn’t tilt over.  Which by the way, it has not tilted over yet.

Before the Osprey came into my life, most of my gear was just tossed in my car separately or it was put into this huge duffel bag which after putting all my gear in, I couldn’t hardly lift it.  The Space Station just makes everything easier.  Easier to load through the main compartment, easier to cinch everything down and keep it stationary and easier to wheel around where ever I need to.  I’ve taken it on some pretty rugged terrain going to my camp site and the wheels have held up, and performed, beautifully.  Being able to reach down and grab a handle, pretty much with not even looking, and just pick it up and throw it into my car is great.  The handles are everywhere and they have stood up to a lot of pulling and tugging.  I just everything about the Space Station.

I haven’t taken it through the airport yet.  I’m sure I will the next time I go and need a good heavy duty bag. But for now, it’s seeing the outdoors.

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