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Final Update on the PDF Maps App 2.6

PDF Maps Check out my thoughts on the PDF Maps App for recording hikes, exploration, adding photo content and notes to maps, and much more.

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Jenn K.

PDF Maps App 2.6

PDF Maps In a nutshell the PDF Maps App has the ability to view various types of maps, research areas, create tracks, placemarks, take photos, determine map area distance, and much more.

With this app there is no need to waste phone/electronic battery life, use data, or  need an Internet connection.

Check this app out here. 

By Jenn K. 

Chimani National Parks App

Chimani National Parks App

Chimani National Parks App

How many National Parks have you visited?  I’ve been to a few, and am hoping to see a few more this summer.  I live within a few hours of Acadia National Park in Maine, and am planning on spending some time there this summer.  I recently received the Chimani National Parks app, for review purposes and have been playing ‘arm chair’ traveler ever since.

My goal is to visit Acadia, Cuyahoga and Canyonlands National Parks this summer.  Right now, I’m starting to plan for Acadia.  In the first part of the review, I’ll explain the features of the app and then the actual plans and trip in the follow up reviews. I will say, these guys have put a LOT of features in this app.  Read the first part HERE.