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Summer 2017 Outdoor Retailer Show – Update 1


Drinktanks Line up

Today was the second day of the Summer 2017 OR Show in Salt Lake City, but my first full day.  As always it was a busy day with tons of meetings.  Click HERE to see some of the new products!

Kelty Fury 35 Final Update

Kelty Fury 35 hanging from my hammock

Kelty Fury 35 hanging from my hammock

I was hoping to have some longer hikes using the Kelty Fury 35 but my knee has been slow to heal.  As a matter of fact, I may have damaged it a little by doing some work that involved a lot of ladder climbing a few weeks ago.  It is now sore again and I’m walking with a slight limp that had disappeared before the work off of the ladder.  The weather for most of December, January and February also made it tough to get motivated to do much hiking.  The upshot of all this is that I have only managed 4 overnight trips  and the one long day hike I mentioned in my last update.  To read the rest of the update along with the entire review please click here.

Coy Boy

Osprey Quasar update

Watching swan on Horn Pond

Watching swan on Horn Pond

I have gone on several hikes with the Quasar and it has been functioning well on hikes as well as for carrying my laptop.  I recently got a new larger laptop and I had to see how well it fit in the Quasar.  To read more.