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Smartwool Backpacker 150 Tee


I have worn the Backpacker 150 Tee multiple days a week for the past 4 months. Since my last post, I have continued to run, work out, and wear the shirt casually. Click here to see my final update on the t-shirt where I highlight some features of the shirt and draw some final conclusions.

Kaleb R.

A last look at Chaco Tedinho low cut shoes

Review by Arnie P

Chaco Tedinho

a last look at the Tedinho low cut shoes

If I had to live with just one pair of shoes, I can’t think of a better shoe than the Chaco Tedinho low cut shoe.  I have found the Tedinho to be a multi purpose shoe and have been wearing them almost every day.  To read more.

A last look ExOfficio’s Roughian sweater

Review by Arnie P

ExOfficio's Roughian Sweater

on trail to Max Israel Shelter

During this period the ExOffico Roughian performed well while I went on a 2 day backpack, did a few hikes, and attended several seminars.  To read more.

Update Chaco’s Tedinho low cut shoes

Review by Arnie P

Chaco's Tedinho

hiking through a puddle on MSG Trail

In this period I was able to use the Chaco’s Tedinho shoes a lot more than I expected.  Aside from daily use, I was on a long day hike and a two day backpack.  To read more.

ExOfficio’s Roughian sweater

Review by Arnie P

ExOfficio's Roughian sweater update

It seems like every September is the busiest month of the year.  This year, the September temperatures have been higher than usual.  Despite the warmer weather, I was able to try the ExOfficio Roughian in temperatures ranging from the mid 70’s F to freezing.  I wore the Roughian for 3 hikes and several non trail activities during this period.  To read more.

Chaco’s Tedinho Low shoes

Review by Arnie P


Tedinho Low shoes

The Tedinho low shoes were provided by Chaco for review purposes.

The Tedinho series of shoes is available in men’s and woman’s waterproof boot and low shoe.  The mens’ low is available in 2 colors, Tarvia and Black.  The woman’s low is available in Tarvia, Black, and Bungee.  The available sizes for men’s low shoe are 7 to 12 in half sizes and 13,14, and 15.  The available sizes for women’s low shoe are 5 to 11 in half sizes and 12.

To read more.