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Ther-A-Rest Alpine down blanket a last look

Review by Arnie P

Alpine blanket with woman's Prolite

Alpine blanket with woman’s Prolite

This has been a productive month for me in terms of improving my gear situation.  I did receive, from Therm-A-Rest, the snap kit which consisted of 4 male snap tabs and 4 female snap tabs.  The instructions call for mounting the tabs directly onto the air mattress to correspond with mating tabs on the blanket.  Since I was really pleased with the way the Alpine was secure at the foot end of the blanket, I decided that I would not use snaps on the end.  Then I thought of making a strap consisting of a matching set of snaps attached to something.  My wife had a piece of 7/8 in wide quilt binding tape in her sewing supplies.  I cut a piece 18 ½ in long and sewed the snaps on with nylon thread.  It was not very pretty, but it was good enough to try.  My plan was to use the strap for the middle set of snaps on the Alpine blanket.  It seemed to work well when I tried it on my air pad in the house.

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Therm-A-Rest 2 C/35 F Alpine down blanket update

Review by Arnie P

Alpine blanket with Prolite air pad

Alpine blanket with Prolite air pad

The next step in my trying out the Alpine blanket was to go on a series of one night local backpacks.  Since my last report, I bought a Therm-A-Rest Z light pad.  I now had essentially 2 air pads and one Z foam pad all made by Therm-A-Rest.  I will now go into the differences I found while trying out the different sleeping pads.  To read more.

Therm-A-Rest Alpine 2 C/35 F down blanket

Review by Arnie P

Ther-A-Rest Alpine blanket in storage bag

Therm-A-Rest Alpine blanket in storage bag

The Alpine blanket is provided by Therm-A-Rest for review purposes.

I love the feel of a down blanket, I never had one to use on a backpacking trip.  What follows are the details of the Alpine blanket.  To read more.