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GSI Outdoors Microlite 720 Flip & 500 Twist Bottles

Final Update!

After using the GSI Outdoors Microlite 720 Flip and 500 Twist bottles extensively for a couple months, I was able to assess their strong and weak points well.  I will say this, there were not many weak points!  Read HERE for the full review and updates.


Hot or Cold, You’re Covered

18oz Wide Mouth HydroFlask

18oz Wide Mouth HydroFlask

Nothing like a hot cup of coffee on a cold morning hike, or a cold cup of water on a hot afternoon hike.  The HydroFlask 18 oz  Insulated Wide Mouth Coffee is designed to meet either need.  It has a narrow circumference, making it easy to hold on to.  Advertised to keep liquids hot or cold for ‘hours’, I’m going to be checking out how well it does.  The temperatures will be dropping here in northern New England, so this could come in very handy. Click HERE to read part one of the review of the Insulated Wide Mouth Coffee.

HydroFlask supplied this item for review purposes.