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Mazama Windigo 3 L Reservoir

Mazama Windigo 3 L reservoir I’ll be testing the Mazama Windigo 3 L (100 oz) Reservoir for the next few months.  I have used bladders in the past but always seemed to gravitate back to carrying my water in bottles for several reasons. However, this often meant taking my pack off to get a drink.  The Mazama Windigo looks like it has addressed a few of my concerns, mainly being able to clean and thoroughly dry it between uses.  Anyways, to read my initial thoughts, please click here.

Coy Boy

Update on our HydroFlask review

Check out the update for the 18 oz HydroFlask.  Its been keeping my food and drinks warm while I wait for winter to get to Northern New England.  I’m enjoying the nice weather, but its made reviewing some things a bit interesting.  Read what I’ve found out so far HERE.

The HydroFlask was supplied for review purposes.

Final Update on the Cotopaxi Bangladesh Water Bottle

Bangladesh Bottle The Cotopaxi Bangladesh Bottle has been used the past month at the beach, heated yoga, and at work for hydration. I have used the bottle with cold and hot beverages this month. Check it out here. 

Jenn K. 


Cotopaxi Bottle Update

Bangladesh Water Bottle

Bottle not sweating with cold liquids.

I used the Cotopaxi Bangladesh Water Bottle for the past month: at home, in the car, around town, at the beach, and at a lake.

This bottle is great for many reasons.

Check it out here. 

Jenn K.

Ultimate Direction Jurek Endure Final Report

Jurek Endure

I have continued to test the Ultimate Direction Jurek Endure over the past month, but have had limited use due to a sprained ankle.  Overall, I am pleased with the hydration belt and will continue to use it after my ankle heals and I can resume my long distance running. Read more HERE.

Ultimate Direction Jurek Endure – Update

Ultimate Direction Jurek Endure – Update by Jason B

Ultimate Direction Jurek Endure

Bird Ridge Alaska

I have worn the Ultimate Direction Jurek Endure for a little over 100 miles of running over the past month and it has performed well over this time period.  Easily accessible water and the quick storage retrieval are definite bonuses to the belt, while bottle durability, and bib clip issues are my drawbacks.  Click Here to read the update!