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Keen Liberty Ridge boot ONE YEAR UPDATE!

One year later, I provide my thoughts on these boots HERE

Final Update on the KEEN Liberty Ridge Women’s Boots

Keen Liberty Ridge Read about my experiences wearing the KEEN Liberty Ridge Women’s Boots over the past three months.


Update: Keen Liberty Ridge Women’s Boots

Liberty Ridge Well I had the chance to try out the Keen Liberty Ridge Women’s Boots over the past month on three hiking adventures in Southern California.

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Jenn K.

Keen Liberty Ridge Boot


I received the Keen Liberty Ridge boot for review purposes and immediately was impressed.  Right on the box was a sticker which said “American Built” and that is unusual these days.  Upon initial inspection of the boots, I felt they were very well constructed from various rubber types and a smooth brown leather.  The tread looked quite aggressive, which I liked immediately. Full Review

KEEN Trailhead Pyrenees Boots

Review by Arnie P

The Keen Pyrenees boot is part of the Keen Trailhead family. At first glance I thought I was looking at a boot from my childhood when all boots were leather. The leather is the only aspect that is the same. The leather is brown and has a very soft feel and is pliable to the touch. The foot bed is removable. The toes area is well protected which I appreciate because I have had many toe nail blood blisters in the past.   To read more.

Pyrenees Boot

Pyrenees Boot