First look at the Krimson Klover Nordic Snowflake Hat

I am excited to review the Krimson Klover Nordic Snowflake Hat.  Winter has descended on Virginia and I am hopeful that this hat will keep me warm and stylish over the next few months.

Krimson Klover is a company that focuses on using bold colors and using natural materials. Their style is athletic, and for those who love to travel. The mission at Krimson Klover is to “craft apparel that makes you look good and feel good using natural, sustainable fibers and responsible manufacturing with a commitment to supporting women.” 

You can read the rest of my initial thoughts on the Krimson Klover Nordic Snowflake hat HERE.

Exciting New Gear On the Way

Within the next two weeks or so, our writers will be busy sharing reviews of some exciting new gear!  Even though for most of the country it is cold and wintery, that’s not stopping us from getting outside.  As a matter of fact, reviewing gear helps motivate us to get out more.  I’ve got a few sneak peaks of what’s on it’s way.

Coming up soon!!

From MSR:

From EcoVessel:

We’ll be taking a look at The Boulder – An insulated container for keeping beverages hot or cold, with a ‘cool’ or ‘hot’ extra feature! Also from EcoVessel is the  The Port an insulated, stainless steel wine or whiskey tumbler.

From Krimson Klover:

A Beanie with Pom hat designed by artists, with an interior fleece band and removable pom, so it fits under your helmet!

From Dakota Grizzly:

Is it a shirt, or is it a jacket?  Or could it be both/either?  I think that’s up to the wearer and depends on the weather.  It has a satin quilted lining making it useable in different seasons, depending on what it is worn with.

From Bolle:

Bolle Sunglasses
The King

A pair or two of sunglasses, such as the King!  I don’t know, can you picture Elvis wearing them?

From Sig Sauer:

Something a bit different… an air pistol.  Its a new M17 ASP (advanced sport pellet) Air Pistol, that is a replica of the one that is built for the military.

Air Pistol
Sig Sauer M17 ASP

There will be more exciting new gear on the way soon, and the initial reviews will be posted.  We love hearing your feedback, and encourage you to join in by commenting here, or on Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest!