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Lights, Camera, LumeCube

Anyone who knows me, knows I’m not the best photographer.  I know the ‘rules’ but don’t have the ‘eye’.  Lighting always throws me.  I think there’s enough, and end up with pictures of darkness, or I think its too dark and miss shots I’d love to capture.  So, I just read about this new product, that’s still a bit ‘hush-hush’.  I can tell you a few things, and when I get my hands on one to review (by the end of October), I’ll be able to tell (and show) you how it works.  Its made to work with your Go-Pro, camera on your smartphone or regular digital camera.
The facts:


(from LumeCube.com) will be released on November 11, 2015, but there was a soft launch in Australia today.  It appears to have some really great features, and could be useful to professional photographers, outdoor enthusiasts, and everyone who ever needs more light to take a decent picture or video.  I’m including some specifications below, but definitely check out their webpage, and video: http://www.lumecube.com/collections/main


Single LumeCube

Single LumeCube, can be used in multiples or mounted.

  • App-controlled LED light for capturing both stills and videos (available in iOS and Android formats)
  • Compatible with smartphone cameras, action cams and traditional digital cameras
  • Measuring only one-and-a-half inches
  • Waterproof
  • 1,500+ lumens of light in both video mode and in strobe mode.
  • Highly durable, light-weight
I believe there will be 3 configurations available.  Check out LumeCube.com, or their Facebook page at facebook.com/lumecube.  Make sure to stop back the beginning of November to see what the LumeCube can do!

This and That

Winter Weather

Nubble Light in Winter

Nubble Light in Winter

I keep getting distracted, looking out the window at the winter sky.  Here in Maine, we haven’t had much snow yet, but it has been cold enough for a while.  I enjoy the snow – when I am not driving anywhere.  Nothing like a nice snowshoe trek, or a hike in the woods behind my house.  I do some of my best baking during snow days.   I keep looking at the pictures from Buffalo, NY and thinking ‘I just drove through there 3 days before the snow came’.   I would not have been thrilled sitting in my car for 12 hours on the interstate with three teenagers.

It did get me thinking – what ‘should’ I have had in my car for this type of emergency? (the snowstorm, not the 3 teenagers, lol)   What do you carry?

Holiday Shopping

I tend to do some shopping online, because I live quite a distance from any major shopping areas.  I buy local what I can, but other things I order online.  Recently I’ve found a few ways to save some money, and figured I’d pass them on to you.

One is Ebates.  You receive rebates for shopping at your regular stores by using Ebates.  It is so simple – create a FREE account, log in, and then either search for the store you want, or click on a link from their featured sites.  You shop as you normally would, even using coupon codes and then your Ebates account is credited with a rebate.  Obviously, the more you shop, the more you’ll save.  I bookmarked ‘Ebates.com‘ so I don’t forget to go there first.

Another great savings – Timberland is giving a 40% discount for all their Facebook fans.  The code is: SOCIAL10 and is good until 12/6/10.  Guess what a few of my guys are getting for Christmas??

GoLite is offering a limited time “friends and family” coupon for 40% off anything on their website, one time use per email that will expire 12/31/10. Great time to stock up on amazing gear or give as gifts for the holidays. Use coupon code GLFF10 at www.golite.com.

Winter Boredom

What do you do to stay active in the winter?  Are you inside more?  Do you switch from hiking to a treadmill? Watch movies?  Become a couch potato?  I’d love to hear your thoughts.  Leave a comment!

Stay warm!

Rendezvous Watch Update

origo Origo Rendezvous Watch Update by Andy Bowman


Read the Review

Win a Trip to Wales…


The Sierra Designs Lightning XT 4 tent was recognized as a 2009
Backpacker Magazine Editors’ Choice Award winner… and to celebrate,
SD would like to send someone (with a friend, of course) to Wales.
“Why Wales?” you may ask. Because Wales is where the Lightning XT 4
was tested. And based on its performance during some particularly ugly
Welsh weather, it proved itself worthy of an Editors’ Choice Award.

The short story: our winner and a friend will be flown to Wales with a
variety of SD gear and a BritRail pass so they can experience all the
outdoor adventure Wales has to offer. Deluxe accommodations on the
front and back end of the trip will round things off.

For a complete description of all sponsors and prizes in the Wales
Adventure Sweepstakes, please go to:

The forums are up!!

Please Join our Outdoor Related Forum


Bkodriver (pronounced bronco driver)

Great Hiker, Great Socks…

The Trekker is totally Bridgedale:  this is the signature sock that went 10,000 miles (!) on the feet of ‘nimblewill nomad,’ a 70-year old avid hiker who I think is right now out on the North Country Trail.
‘Eb’ came into the OR trade show a couple years ago and showed us the very sock — it had one tiny hole in it, and another small hole where a mouse took a nibble.   Pretty amazing.  This is certainly tells Bridgedale’s durability story.
For the ‘rest’ of his story at: