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Pave the Way for comfort and style….


I wore my Pave the Way Jacket by Columbia almost every day this week.  Being a woman I am always conscious of how my clothing fits and looks on my body.  I was very enthused when I put it on and it fit like a glove.  A lot of times with jackets I try on they either fit well in the shoulders and arms and not the bust and mid or the complete opposite.  When I put on the Pave the Way Jacket the sleeves were the correct length so I was scared to zip it up.  I was relieved to see how well it fit every area of my torso.  It is a very flattering jacket and as I’m sure anyone can relate it’s so much easier to enjoy life when you feel good in your clothing.  I am able to completely focus on the experience when my clothing meets my needs.   If you love to move freely and look great in your clothing this could be the jacket for you…

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