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CEP Progressive+ Merino Outdoor and Run+ Compression Socks

I have received to review two pair of compression socks from CEP.  Their Merino Outdoor and Merino Run+ socks.  To begin, I will say these socks are very well made.  Very high quality German craftsmanship I will even say. Read on for the full report: CEP Review

Fun At The Glacier Outdoor Center

by: Dave D’Abate

View Across Lake McDonald

Glacier National Park in Montana is celebrating its Centennial year in 2010 and the summer season will certainly packed with the park’s nearly 2 million annual visitors. Few visitors enjoy the crowding and noise levels in wilderness areas during the peak season. The best time to get out and experience Glacier Natl. Park is during the off-season when there are no crowds, and you’re unlikely to see more than a dozen people at any given time while on the trails.

Glacier Natl. Park is more than one million acres, and with nearly 800 miles of trail, deciding what landmarks to see can be a daunting task. This is where the Glacier Outdoor Center comes in. The Glacier Outdoor Center has been operating in and around Glacier Natl. Park since 1976 and is celebrating their 35th anniversary in 2010 along-side the park’s Centennial.

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