Final Update: Princeton Tec Axis Headlamp

Princeton Tec Axis
At the finish of the Great Mississippi River Levee Run with my wife and daughter

I have used the Princeton Tec Axis headlamp ultra-running on the Mississippi River Levee, car camping and hiking and it has performed superbly.  The headlamp has proved to be durable and the axis lighting knob is a great feature that allowed me to customize how much light I needed for my activities.  Click HERE to read my full thoughts.

Princeton Tec Push bike light

Reviewed by Coy Starnes Princeton Tec Push mounted on my road bike

Light supplied for review purposes by Princeton Tec

Briefly, the Princeton Tec Push features a single Maxbright  LED in a very compact unit that weighs in at only 115 grams (4.06 oz).  The light output seems very bright, and according to Princeton Tec it is rated at 100 lumens.  It is powered by 3 AAA batteries (supplied) and boast a burn time of 63 hours, but this is while using the flash setting (more on this later).  Mounting is accomplished with a very sturdy looking clamp that will make installing the light a breeze and also make swapping the light from one bike to another very easy to do.  To read the rest of the review please click here.

Coy Boy