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Final Update Oofos-Oolala Sandals

oofos I highly recommend these Oofos sandals to people who run or workout and have their feet in skates or skis or anything where your feet take a pounding and they need a break. I will be getting another pair of these. Check them out here.


Final Update: Oofos-Oolala Women’s Sandals

oofos I have worn the Oofos-Oolala Women’s Sandals for just over two months. The weather in Southern California has been warm enough during the day that I could wear the sandals almost everyday outside. Read my final update here.

Jenn K.

Update on Oofos Oolala Sandals

oofos Take a look at my update on the Oofos Oolala Sandals here.


Update on the Women’s Oofos-Oolala Sandals

oofos The Women’s Oofos-Oolala Sandals are very oolala. I love these sandals! They have a simple design, but look great no matter what clothing I pair with them for casual events, around town running errands, or around the house.

Read more here. 

Jenn K.

Final Update on the My Chacos Women’s ZX/1 Sandals

ZX/1 Sandals Check out my final update on the My Chacos Women’s ZX/1 Sandals. I have enjoyed wearing these over the past two months.

Read more here.

Jenn K.

Update on the Rider Dunas V WM Sandals

Rider Dunas V Sandals Update on the Rider Dunas V WM Sandals

Check out the latest update on the Rider Dunas V Sandals. I have been wearing the Rider Dunas V Sandals for the past month around town, at the beach, and frequently at home. They are very comfortable and fit perfectly.

Take a look here.

Jenn K.