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Sockwell Men’s Therapeutic performance socks

Review by Arnie P

Sockwell therapeutic performance soocks

Sockwell men’s therapeutic performance socks


Sockwell provided the men’s Ascend OTC and Summit OTC socks for review.

Sockwell Men’s Therapeutic performance socks

This report will be on Sockwell Men’s Therapeutic performance socks, the Ascend OTC and the Summit OTC. The major distinction between the Ascend and the Summit is that the Ascend is a moderate compression sock while the Summit is a firm compression sock. I will start with explaining the common features followed by the differences. I admire that the Sockwell company supports the revival of the American Textile Industry and the American Sheep Farmers.


Stockwell designs and manufactures socks in the USA. The sheep that produce the wool are from the US Rockies. There is an excellent video on the website under the tab “explore” explaining the manufacturing and design criteria for making the Sockwell socks. to read more please click here.