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Tech4O Discover GPS Watch: FINAL UPDATE

Tech4O Discover I’ve used the Discover GPS in the gym, on the trail running, hiking, and even road biking over the past month. I’ve learned a few new things about the watch since my last update and have made some final overall conclusions about the watch and all of my experiences with it. Click here to and scroll to the bottom of the page to see my final update of the Tech4O Discover GPS watch.

-Kaleb R.

Tech4O Discover GPS Update

Tech4O Discover GPS Update I’ve spent a month with this satellite tracking, heart monitoring, distance measuring, pace setting, way point directing device and have made some observations that I want to share with you.  Click here to see my latest update on the Tech4O Discover GPS watch.


Tech4O Discover GPS Watch

Tech4O Discover GPS Watch Looking for a multipurpose watch to enhance your workouts on the trail, the road, and even on the water? The Tech4O Discover GPS does a little bit of everything.  Once the watch is connected to its satellites, you can monitor your pace, your distance, speed, and you can even set waypoints to keep you on track.  Want to record data on all of your workouts?  The Discover GPS comes with software to do just that. Tech4O has packed a huge variety of features into the comparatively small package.  Check out my initial review on the watch and its software here.

Kaleb R.

Final Update: Tech4o Accelerator Pro Plus Watch

TECH4O Watch Another month has gone by and I have been enjoying the Tech4o watch during my fitness walks, hikes, and walks at the beach. I am very familiar with the settings/functions now and I rarely need to reference the manual.

Read my final update on the Tech4o Accelerator Pro Plus Watch here.

Jenn K.

Got the Time?

Men's Accelerator Pro Plus

You could win a new Tech4o Accelerator Pro Plus watch!  Check out the first part of our review.  Just leave a comment on Facebook, ‘friend’ us on Facebook and ‘Like’ Tech4o. Check out the following links for more info on Tech40 and the Accelerator Pro Plus!

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Leave a comment on Facebook that indicates what fantastic feature would you add to a watch.  It can be as realistic or silly as you’d like – just keep it G rated!  I’d like one that whispered inspirational messages at the end of a long day!

The contest will last until May 1, 2011,  winner will be selected at random.   We will send you a message through Facebook, so make sure you ‘friend’ us and ‘like’ Tech4o!

Timex WS4 a last look

checking data on Timex WS4

checking data on Timex WS4

This month, being September, was a busy time for me.  I continue to use and enjoy this watch more each day.  I went on one backpack and several hikes during this period.
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