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Final Update Salewa Mountain Trainer Boots

Salewa Mountain Trainer Boots

Relaxing at the top of the Devil’s Marbleyard in the Jefferson National Forest

I have put another 80 miles on the Salewa Mountain Trainer boots since my last update hiking in the mountains of Virginia and the swamps of Louisiana.  These boots have easily handled all the terrain I encountered while protecting my feet.  Click HERE for my final thoughts.

You Won’t Get Stuck in a Bog with these Bogs

Bogs Classic High Handles

Bogs Classic High Handles Women’s Boot


Check out the Bogs Classic High Handle Boots.  I’m going to see how they handle winter in Maine, now that it is actually winter.  I’m hoping the Bogs can keep my feet warm, dry and comfortable.  I know most people say if your head is warm, your body stays warmer.  For me, if my feet are warm, I stay more comfortable.  Read what I’ve found so far HERE.