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Kelty Revol 65 Backpack Final Update

Kelty revol 65

I was able to take the Revol 65 on the Black Mountain Crest Trail in some cold, wintery conditions. The conditions and difficulty of the trail provided the perfect final proving ground for the backpack. Click here to read my final review and conclusions on the Kelty Revol 65 backpack.

Kaleb R.

No More Winter No More Ice

It was a bit unusual in Maine this past winter.  We had plenty of snow, and at times too much.  So much that ice fishing derbies were cancelled.  Not much ice most of the winter, since the snow never melted off and re-froze.  That’s great in a way, but not so great when it comes to reviewing ice gear.  I had the opportunity to review the Hillsound Trail Crampon Pros, and found lack of ice made that difficult.  Check out what I found so far HERE.

Lowa Innox Ice GTX Mid hiking boots

Review by Arnie P

Lowa Innox Ice GTX Mid hiking boots

Lowa Innox Ice GTX Mid hiking boots



Lowa provided the Innox Ice GTX Mid hiking boots for review purposes.

Lowa Innox Ice GTX Mid hiking boots

A great month for testing the Lowa Innox Ice GTX Mid hiking boots. It was the boots against the terrain and they won every time. In addition to weekly 2 hour hikes at Harold Parker forest, walks to the senior center, and walks to my shopping center, the boots got a workout at my gym, going up and down stairs, and using a ladder.  To read more please click here.

LOWA Maine GTX Snowboots arrive in Maine

But where is our snow?

LOWA Maine GTX Women's snow boot

LOWA Maine GTX Women’s snow boots

I received the LOWA Maine GTX boots for review purposes, and am anxious to try them out.  We really do need some snow, and hopefully will have some before too long.   The boots look like high top sneakers, but are designed for wearing in the snow and cold.  With uppers made from Waxed Cotton Canvas/Polyester/Full Grain Leather and a lining that is waterproof and includes GORE-TEX®, I am very curious as too how they will do.  Click HERE to read more about them.

Baffin Sequoia Men’s Winter Boots

Review by ARNIE P

Baffin Sequoia Men's Winter Boots in Harold Parker

Baffin Sequoia Men’s Winter Boots in Harold Parker

Baffin Sequoia Men’s Winter Boots

Baffin provided the Men’s Sequoia boots for review purposes.

I’ve been wearing the Baffin Sequoia Men’s Winter Boots several times a week. These boots are a lot more versatile than I ever imagined. During this period, I have been exploring the various ways I could use these boots. I am using them in more ways than I thought possible. These boots are a great improvement over the felt lined boots of the 40’s.

During the last month, the temperatures have been fluctuating in a matter of a day or two from above normal in the 60’s and low 70’s to below normal nearly as low as 0. Couple that with a moderate wind and the chill factor is considerable. The first snow storm of the season was nasty. It was a mixture of snow, sleet, and rain, followed by freezing temperatures. The result was about 4-5 inches of white ice with a base of snow. I have been able to walk on it and not punch through. This surface has been with us for about a week.

To read more please click here.

Baffin Inferno without the Disco

Baffin Inferno Top and Bottom Layer

Baffin Inferno Top and Bottom Layer

Layering has been long recommended as a way to maintain appropriate body temperature, no matter what the weather conditions throw at you.  These new Baffin Inferno base layers, might just be the perfect solution!  So far, I’ve found them to be comfortable and ‘just right’ as far as temperature control.  Our weather has been a bit warmer than usual, but I’m sure that’ll change soon – it is Maine after all.  To read the first part of my review, with description, click HERE.

Baffin provided the Inferno Top and Bottom Layers for review purposes.

~ KevinW